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The underground cave

The cave, as such, is more than 600 years old, its use as a winery goes back more than 300 years and like all the subterranean cellars-cave of Laguardia it is inside the old town, underground, at a depth of about 8 meters below the streets level, that is the reason why the circulation of vehicles is not allowed.

the cave

All this together allows the caves to maintain optimal conditions for the aging of wine. These conditions are, temperature around 14ºC throughout the year, a constant  humidity around to 85%, likewise we have other conditions that have always been considered ideal for wine such as silence and darkness.

Our cave is one of the few underground cellars of Laguardia that is still used as a winery, it is divided into hand-built “calados” in which are the deposits, bottle racks and the barrel ageing area.

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