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The winemaking process in our winery is carried out with the ageing process in mind for each type of wine, for young wines we use the traditional method of elaboration in the area, Carbonic Maceration, and for the aged wines the Bordeaux or Destemming method.


The whole bunches of grapes enter and ferment whole, without crushing them in the fermenting tanks for about 8-10 days, then the traditional treading of the grapes is done to extract most of the wine before proceeding to its “descube”, that is, extract the “skins” and take them to the press.


The clusters of grapes pass through a destemmer that proceeds to separate the grains from the scrap and once said grains are loose they are broken. These loose and broken grains is what is introduced into the wineries to ferment for about 8-10 days. After this time, the wine is extracted and then the “skins” are taken to the press.

In both methods the pressing of the grape is done in a vertical hydraulic press of small volume with which the wine is extracted slowly and not much pressure in order not to break the structure of “skins” and pips to obtain quality wines. Obtaining after all the process of elaboration 3 types of wine coming from each tank, these types are known as: “Lagrima”, “Medio” and “Corazón”

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