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Ageing in barrel

The  ageing process for our wines is carried out in American and French oak barrels, where the wine remains between 20 and 32 months in this time the corresponding racking.
These barrels are distributed between our underground cellar, distributed by the different “calados”, and the modern winery, in the ageing room, in both cellars we maintain the optimal temperature and humidity conditions for its conservation.
calado with barrels
At the moment we own more than 200 oak barrels full of wine selected for their conditions to stay in the barrel. That wine will remain in the barrel until it is bottled, at which time we will introduce it into our bottle racks to make it age in the bottle. These bottle racks are located in the underground cellar, in different “calados”, where the bottles will be allowed to rest in the best conditions until they reach the market.
Bottle racks

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