Wine Tour

The guided tour to our winery last approximately 35 minutes and includes a small introduction to the traditional winemaking method in the Rioja Alavesa, carbonic maceration, with a small demonstration video. Afterwards, we visit the underground cave, located about 8 meters below the level of the street, where we will proceed to the tasting of […]

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la cueva

The underground cave

The cave, as such, is more than 600 years old, its use as a winery goes back more than 300 years and like all the subterranean cellars-cave of Laguardia it is inside the old town, underground, at a depth of about 8 meters below the streets level, that is the reason why the circulation of […]

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Nuestros vinos

Our wines

Nowadays our range of wines covers all clasic Rioja range: Joven, Crianza, Reserva & Gran Reserva but also we produce wines out of the classic range of Rioja, also know as “author” wines or winemaker wines. For the winemaker wines we have 2 different wines  with 2 different concepts of wine. The fisrt wine is […]

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