The winemaking process in our bodega is done taking into consideration the future aging process to be used for each of the wines we will produce. For no-aged wines we use the traditional production method in the area, carbonic maceration, and for the aged wines we use the Bordeaux or De-stemming method.


The grapes arrive to the bodega whole bunch without breaking them and ferment for about 8-10 days, then the traditional steping of the grapes is performed to extract most of the wine prior to racking, ie remove the "skins" and bring them to the press.


The grapes go through a de-stemming system that separates the grapes from stems, and later break those grapes. Those broken grapes is what is introduced into the vats to ferment for about 8-10 days. After this time, the wine is extracted before removing the "skins" and take them to the press.

In both methods, the pressing of the grapes is done in a vertical hydraulic press small volume in which the wine is slowly withdrawn, not much pressure is applied so as not to break the structure of the "skin" and the seeds for not affect wine quality.